Our features

Expense tracking

Easily keep track of your cash flow and improve your spending habits with our expense tracking system and flexible period breakdowns.


Stay informed about your budget’s status with the help of powerful visuals, customizable notifications and breakdowns.

Multiple accounts

Keep an eye on your money in multiple accounts, such as a savings account or car savings, all in one place!

Wealth tracking

Our scheduled, recurring transactions allow you to estimate your future wealth whilst also allowing you to monitor your subscriptions and past performance.


Share wallets and budgets with your friends, room-mates or co-workers with ease, so they can stay aware of your shared finances.


Our powerful integrations with Notion, Raycast, uLauncher and much more will help you manage your finances anywhere and however you please.

Security and privacy

We care about your data. Anything you decide to share with us is encrypted and stays private - no one else but you has access to your data.

AI expense targeting

Uncover unnecessary expenditures and enhance your wealth potential with our machine learning algorithms.

AI receipt analyzer

Harness the power of our receipt analyzer to unveil hidden spending patterns with effortless image recognition.

And we promise - No bloated, boring UI.

How it works


Create a new wallet or connect your bank

Screenshot of Smoothey's wallet screen. It features a picture selector, a name, balance and goal text fields and action buttons.


Enjoy automatic tracking or add a transaction manually

Screenshot of Smoothey's transactions screen. It features an icon selector, text fields, buttons and action buttons.


Discover a fresh, new way to manage your finances!

Screenshot of Smoothey's breakdown screen. It features a spending overview section along a budget section.

Simplify your finances now!

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